Mark O’Toole’s advice for new job seekers.

Mark O’Toole’s advice for new job seekers.

“Over the past 20 years, I’ve been in hiring roles and have received thousands of resumes from new college graduates. I’ve interviewed many for real jobs and done my share of informational interviews. Sometimes I’ve hired people into entry-level positions. More often though, I haven’t.” -O’Toole



This is a great presentation to view if you are job seeking, especially as a new college graduate.  Some of it is funny, some harsh, but all of the content he presents is common sense, direct, and extremely helpful.

A Dao of Web Design

A Dao of Web Design

“Think about what your pages do, not what they look like. Let your design flow from the services which they will provide to your users, rather than from some overarching idea of what you want pages to look like. Let form follow function, rather than trying to take a particular design and make it “work”.” -John Allsopp


Took the time to reread this classic article on the need for web design to break free from its print origins and become a unique, responsive creature of its own. Highly recommended read!

Presenting on Behance- Tips

Behance is a trendy and exciting place to view design projects from all over the world. One of its rich features is the ability to choose between viewing finished projects and works in progress. Be sure to research these types of Behance successes to lean more projects toward a place where passersby will stop and pay attention to your work.

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Mock-up presentation

Book intrigue: It Is Beautiful Then Gone by Martin Venezky

Book intrigue: It Is Beautiful Then Gone

In my design mentor’s office there is a bookshelf of design volumes.  Early on I picked an interesting book out. Now when I have a little time to kill I stop by and grab this book to read another page.

Here’s a quote from today’s pass, about the diffence between “top-down” and “bottom-up” design.

“Our culture respects the stability and authority of the top- down world and needs the rebellion and immediacy of the bottom-up.”

This intersection of system and grassroots design is interesting, and perhaps an important key to prevent artists from despising other artists.