Book intrigue: It Is Beautiful Then Gone by Martin Venezky

Book intrigue: It Is Beautiful Then Gone

In my design mentor’s office there is a bookshelf of design volumes.  Early on I picked an interesting book out. Now when I have a little time to kill I stop by and grab this book to read another page.

Here’s a quote from today’s pass, about the diffence between “top-down” and “bottom-up” design.

“Our culture respects the stability and authority of the top- down world and needs the rebellion and immediacy of the bottom-up.”

This intersection of system and grassroots design is interesting, and perhaps an important key to prevent artists from despising other artists.

Unusual art: Think deep or think again?

This is a fun collection of surrealist art.  Typically I believe that art should have a positive message, but sometimes the joy of art is to make people see a world that they haven’t imagined before.  What do you think about these pieces?  Are they art?  Do they have a positive result?

Social Awareness Poster Final

Tada! The Social Awareness Poster is finished. In real life, it’s all printed out on glossy photo paper and looks lovely.

This has been an interesting project. One big challenge was simply to decide what cause I wanted to spend so much time working on. Foster children have been on my mind due to a family’s recent struggle with the system. So from choosing a cause to finding an attainable action for viewers to take, a lot of thinking went into this work before the designing even started.

This project has come so far in the past few days. Cheers for finishing work. 🙂

Social Awareness Poster