Sticker CD tutorial from Mary Winkler

Did you know you can make DIY mac icons!?



This morning was spent following a simple tutorial by Mary Winkler on Tuts+.  This cute little sticker could lend itself to diverse icons, using any image or shape.  Following tutorials can sometimes be a little boring ( Who wants to spend a lot of time trying to exactly replicate someone else’s style of work?) but I say that they are a great way to uncover helpful tools, techniques and styles that you may not be using in your daily work.


Click on my icon to view the tutorial.



Mark O’Toole’s advice for new job seekers.

Mark O’Toole’s advice for new job seekers.

“Over the past 20 years, I’ve been in hiring roles and have received thousands of resumes from new college graduates. I’ve interviewed many for real jobs and done my share of informational interviews. Sometimes I’ve hired people into entry-level positions. More often though, I haven’t.” -O’Toole



This is a great presentation to view if you are job seeking, especially as a new college graduate.  Some of it is funny, some harsh, but all of the content he presents is common sense, direct, and extremely helpful.


Do you have a perfect moodboard creator?  If not, might be it.  This we app has enough structure to be attractive, but enough flexibility to be fast and adaptable.  Additionally, you can share, edit, and collaborate on a moodboard, similar to the experience of a googledoc. (Am I right that we all enjoy googledocs?)

Anyway, so yourself a favor and sign up for a basic account.  Maybe turn up some of your favorite Mozart or MIKA. Drag, drop, and be inspired. 🙂


Intuitive Design

Here’s another study of useful design. This time I’m focusing on intuitive designs that align with a users preconceived ideas of how something might function. In this case, my laptop bag from Belkin is a great example. Can you think of great designs that you are able to easily use in your activities?