Love Video Marketing?

Guest post from Tim Gebhart from Business Design Guys.  Content originally posted September 9, 2014 by Oswego Creative.

Avoid these common video production mistakes!

Many businesses try to save money by self-producing their marketing videos, but this approach is often fraught with problems. Often, amateur videographers finish a piece, view it, and think it looks great. However, upon showing that piece to a professional, they can quickly identify many mistakes. A professional videographer finding issues is understandable but the most common mistakes made by amateur videographers are also identifiable to the public including potential clients. Mistakes can happen with any video production, but years of experience provide professional videographers with an understanding of common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Some of the more common mistakes amateur videographers make:

  • Poorly executed cuts and transitions

  • Poor choice of background

  • Bad lighting

  • Inferior acting or poor speaking abilities

  • Too long, too much information

  • Poor continuity

  • Poor scene composition, known as the “pole growing out of someone’s head problem”

  • Ignoring the audio component of the piece

Self-made videos still come at a cost and still require specific equipment and resources. Self-produced videos require a significant time investment and can quickly devolve into a gigantic time suck. That time could be better used managing and growing your business. Amateur videographers also rarely take into account additional costs for items such as post-production locations, and logistical details. Amateur videographers report that cost is the number one reason people produce videos on their own. But after all of the costs are tabulated and the time lost is factored in, the final product often doesn’t deliver the intended results. You may have spent all that money for nothing.

Non-professionals are often unaware of all the things that a video production requires. Experienced professional video production companies have years of experience. They know the most cost-effective, efficient and productive ways to do things during video production. In other cases, amateur videographers may have an understanding of production principles and equipment – and then that is all they think about. Your message and purpose of the video can be forgotten.

Amateur videographers often forget to answer basic questions such as:

  • What is the message you want to impart, the audience you want to reach, and how you would like it to come across?

  • What is the budget?

  • What is the structure and narrative tone of the video?

Investing in professional video production returns the money you invest by saving you time and aggravation. Additionally professional film crews make a huge difference in the ultimate success of a marketing video. It is helpful to think of it as a business investment. While it initially takes some money away from the business for its production, a great marketing video can increase profits by reaching many new potential clients. When considering using a professional videography crew versus doing it yourself, think of all the costs and time commitment before making that decision to go it alone.

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