Acts of Light logo project


Project: Acts of Light logo design

Lizzy, a theatre student and beginning play director, wanted a logo to represent her new community theater group , Acts of Light. The logo would brand t-shirts, fliers, and posters with a memorable visual of the theatre.

 The first step in this project was a phone interview, in which we talked about the needs, design goals, and overall mood of the desired logo. The client didn’t have any strong preferences, and left the design work to me. She did want the logo to be family-friendly and appealing.

 After determining client goals, the research and sketching process began, as I dug through pictures and inspiration, I found curtains, masks, and stage lights as reoccurring images of “the theatre” Using these, images, I presented first mockups to the client. Lizzy’s optimism and focus as the leader of her theatre was apparent, as she liked all the options, but quickly picked an image of a stage light as her favorite. The chosen mock-up progressed through a series of revisions in design, and color. This client relationship was a treat, as her design directions and mine lined up. We progressed through the revision and polishing quickly, and ended with a beautiful, unique logo that really reflects the simple, friendly vibe of her theater. The client Lizzy was happy, I was happy, and her new theatre group just finished its debut production, with the new logo securely in place.   

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