My next poster project is an important one: Social Awareness.

The goal of the project is effectively communicating a problem and moving viewers to an action.  Designing a social awareness poster, IMO, is what most designers feel most important doing, because it’s utilizing design to help out the world and “speak” for the oppressed.

Haven’t pinned down a topic of importance yet.  

Two Current Ideas:

1. The dichotomy of hunger and Western wealth

   This topic is easy to illustrate and create emotional imagery for.  It is already well-communicated by other designers, though, so does the world need another poster saying that hunger is bad?

2. Foster care issues

   The problems of foster care have been brought to light in view of a friend’s recent pain, hearing that she had to give her foster baby to a home that was much more dangerous and less dedicated than her own.  But how does one solve the issue of corruption in foster care?

Here’s a burning question that is revealed in this project:  is our job as designers to suggest a solution to huge social problems like hunger and abuse?  How can we claim to have the answers?

Off to ponder and sketch now.  Let’s hear your thoughts, too.



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