Mexico City returns.


That was the year of the Olympic games my professor was struggling to reference.  And today, I knew the answer.  

If I said that I studied the history of the Olympics, you wouldn’t believe me.  If I claimed it was a lucky guess, you might believe that, but the truth is, that year had already been on my mind.

Because the 1968 Olympics are back.  

The athletes may be getting old, but the design done for the games by Lance Wyman is back with a fresh following.

I first noticed the Mexico City branding while learning from this tutorial   It was enjoyable, because the geometric, interlacing lines were interesting and exotic, and could be easily rearranged into all sorts of tracks, ribbons, and shapes.

My “Mexico City” lines.

I know that 1968 was not the age of Art Deco, but there are certainly some elements that remind me of that style as well.  Anyway, this winter I’ve started to noticed a trend of this!



Cool stuff.  Let’s hope that designers keep referencing well-executed historic design.  Maybe we’ll all sound a little smarter about history along the way. 🙂


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